Attending a PASMA training course allows you to gain the PASMA card which is a requirement that many site managers insist on before you are allowed to assemble or dismantle a Mobile Alloy Scaffold Tower.

pasma-trainingThis day long PASMA course covers all you need to know, from the efficient building & dismantling of Aluminium scaffold towers to current H&S legislation and regulations.

To be eligible to attend a PASMA course you need to be physically fit and have the ability to write and understand English.

The PASMA course per person cost’s £130 + VAT, (discounts are available if you are booking more than one place on a course). This price includes us filling in your PASMA card application form and ensuring that the card is sent to your home address.

Your PASMA card will be valid for 5 years.

PASMA Course Questions Answered

  • This course covers all relevant legislation & current best practice for assembling and dismantling Alloy towers.
  • The course lasts one day and your lunch is included.
  • The price quoted includes card application fees and course materials.
  • The course delivery method is via instruction both in theory & practical sessions with tutor assessments.
  • We handle the card application process for you.
  • The PASMA course is available at twenty locations nationwide.
  • If you are physically fit & have a good understanding of English you are eligible to join the course
  • Book the PASMA course now by calling the number listed above.

For more details on what is covered in the course and where about’s you can attend a PASMA course, please call us on 0800 130 3225.