National Plant Operators Scheme (NPORS) has announced important changes that see’s them forge stronger links with CSCS.

NPORS card holders who would like to apply for the new NPORS/CSCS Construction Plant Card, are able to apply for either a Trained Operator Card or a Competent Operator card.

In order to apply for a NPORS/CSCS Construction Plant Competent Operator card the operator will need to have achieved a Level 2 NVQ in the relevant item of plant listed on their card. 

If the operator does not have the relevant Level 2 NVQ they can apply for the NPORS/CSCS Construction Plant Trained Operator card, this card is valid for two years during which time the operator will need to achieve a Level 2 NVQ in order to upgrade their card to the NPORS/CSCS Construction Plant Competent Operator Card.

Holders of the new NPORS/CSCS Construction Plant card will gain easier access to site with the addition of the CSCS logo on the NPORS card.

The National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS) is a Health & Safety Executive recognised body that provides employers with an accredited route to prove the competence of plant operators in a broad range of industrial plant equipment.

The NPORS scheme is widely used and recognised in a diverse range of industrial sectors such as Ports, Logistics, Utilities, Construction, and other industrial based activities.

The advantage of qualifying operatives through the NPORS scheme is that training/assessment can take place at the employer’s site utilizing the plant that the operative is familiar with. Because of this, employers using the NPORS route to accredit their staff can enjoy substantial savings over other forms of plant accreditation such as the CPCS Scheme.

On successfully passing an NPORS course the candidate qualifies for an official NPORS photo ID card which is valid for three years. NPORS also allows for accredited training courses to be delivered in a wide range of non plant related courses, such as Manual Handling, Abrasive Wheels, Vehicle Banksman, Safety Harness, Etc.

If you have a minimum of one year’s experience of operating a piece of plant click here for a full list of courses available for you. If you have less than one year’s experience, please call us for further information on courses available to you.

Experienced Operator Assessment Courses

If you have a minimum of one year’s experience operating the category of plant you require a course for, please call us for further details of the NPORS course most suitable for you.

Industrial Counterbalanced Forklift

This one day experienced operator assessment NPORS course is all about proving your competence & skill in operating the Industrial Counterbalanced Forklift.

This course is for you if you have at least one year’s experience of operating this type of forklift. The course starts with the instructor asking the candidate a series of questions which are used to establish the candidates under pinning knowledge of operating the Industrial Counterbalanced Forklift.

The answers given will be recorded by the instructor and allow the instructor to build a ‘profile’ of the candidates knowledge and experience. Following the successful completion of the theory/profiling, test candidates will then move onto the plant operator assessment phase of the course.

To pass this phase of the test, candidates will be required to perform a series of practical tests on the Industrial Counterbalanced Forklift. These tests are designed to prove that the candidate can operate the machine in a safe, efficient and competent manner.

Up to 3 experienced candidates can be assessed in one day.

For more details or advice please call our training advisors on 0800 130 3225.